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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Own Worst Enemy = Total Recall + Bourne Identity

My Own Worst Enemy is awesome. Amazing. If the other shows on TV right now weren’t so good, like Terminator, Heroes, and Chuck, My Own Worst Enemy would probably become my favorite show. Well, Heroes doesn’t seem that awesome right now. Claire Bennett has lost some of her appeal, and some of the writing seems kind of stupid. In the most recent episode, [SPOILER ALERT] the Petrelli’s father took Adam, the guy who can heal himself and live forever, by the hand, and absorbed his powers. Adam disintegrated. But I don’t think that just because he could no longer heal meant that he would now succumb to old age. I would think that he would simply become a 30-year-old human, or so, and go on aging from there.

Anyway, My Own Worst Enemy is simply amazing. Christian Slater is great. And the show raises issues that apply directly to each of us. These issues include the ethical and moral dilemma of interrogating a terror suspect, and whether or not to use torture. I for one am against torture, as is Henry, the average-Joe version of Christian Slater in the show. But his secret agent alter ego is quite clear on his stance of using torture to extract information from a reluctant suspect. So Henry has to deal with all the bad stuff his own worst enemy is comfortable doing. It’s really interesting, but at the same time action-packed. And of course it offers a sort of escapist adventure for anyone wishing to one day wake up and find out that they too are one of two people sharing the same body, the other being a successful, wealthy, smooth, charismatic secret agent.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Economy = Worldwide Yikes

Just a few days ago the stock market plunged 777 points. Today I saw that it went down 555 points. What a coincidence! Not really…

A couple of years ago I had heard that the market was due for a major correction. At that time the cause of the correction was not yet known. Now everybody is aware that the catalyst for our current situation was a mortgage crisis. Who would’ve guessed, in years past, in the face of ever present refinancing ads on television and the Internet, that it was all a sham, and about to explode in our faces?

I can’t believe that the current situation in America is cascading to foreign countries. I read on Yahoo this morning that the situation is really just based on fear, and knowledge that our 700 billion-dollar bailout will take a little while to kick in. Oh well.

I just hope that this situation doesn’t turn into another Great Depression.

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