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Monday, March 31, 2008

Pizza.com For Sale: $2.5 Million

I can't believe it! Wow! The auction is happening right now.

For those of you that don't already know, owning a domain name is like owning a piece of real estate. And there is a fixed amount of this commodity. So if someone is willing to pay $2.5 million for pizza.com now, imagine how much it will bring in 10 years from now?

I once read someone's theory that all internet business could end overnight because of some crazy new invention that superseded the entire web. They didn't really think it would happen, but it seemed possible. I'll bet one of the major concerns when shelling out big bucks for a domain name is whether or not another dot com bubble has formed... and is ready to pop!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

More Snow?!

I heard some areas aren't through with winter yet. They say that a few inches of snow are in store for these areas. And here I thought it was already Spring.

In "Groundhog Day," Bill Murray gets ready for the day and prepares to leave the bed & breakfast. In the hallway he is met by a friendly gentleman who says, "Good morning! Off to see the Groundhog? Do you think it will be an early Spring?"

Murray says, "I'm predicting March 20."

So did I, and look where it got me! I wonder how concentratedly Hellish the summer will be?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New South Park Tonight

I think it's going to be a good one. I saw a commercial, and it looks like Kenny goes on some kind of wild adventure with some chick who's animated in a completely different style. Maybe the creators used some old footage from some expired film. It looks awesome.

Any time Kenny is involved, the adventure is fantastic. I remember one time he went to Hell...

Another time he went to Heaven and proceeded to lead the vastly outnumbered armies of goodness to victory in a battle at least 10x greater than the biggest battle in epic motion picture fantasy. Too bad we didn't get to watch!

But I'll bet tonight's episode will be pretty neat. Go Kenny!

Just as a side note, I think Kenny vs. Spenny is lame. Kenny of "South Park" is cool. Kenny of "Spenny" is a jerk.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Fox Tries To Force You To Watch Its New Show

I remember a while back when Fox had "The Simpsons" and "King of the Hill" on Sundays. The other programming was... irrelevant? Well, I just don't remember it. Then came "Family Guy," and the Cartoon Factor increased from 2 to 3. So now we had a solid 90 minutes of modern cartoon humor most Sunday nights. Then came "American Dad," and after a brief warm-up period, it established itself as a keeper. Cartoon Factor 4. 2 solid hours, 8-10pm most Sundays.

Then Fox said, "Hey, let's try to shove some new live-action pilot down their throats," and started airing shows during the block like "The Winner."

"The Winner" ended up being a loser, and was canceled.

Back to Cartoon Factor 4.

Hey, wasn't there some airline comedy? Yeah, "The Loop" intruded upon Cartoon Sunday as well. I barely remembered that one at first.

Oh yeah, and "The War at Home." I didn't really like that show...

Now we've got "Unhitched." I just watched the first of two episodes they sandwiched in last night, between Cartoon Reruns.

And I thought it was lame. Here are my reasons:

1. It forced us to sit through gross and uncomfortable situations, like when a female lead's aging boss hung out naked at the gym all day.

2. It forced us to endure stupid running gags like some guy carrying his kids around on his back and constantly banging their heads into things. That's not funny, that's just sick.

3. Craig Bierko is way cooler than his character allows him to be. He was in "Cinderella Man" as the deadliest boxer on earth. He didn't fight to win. He fought to induce blinding pain that leads to death. Well last night on "Unhitched" his character was at his first boxing fitness class and some blonde kept giving him lip. He was totally courteous, but she just kept needling him over and over, and then in the final boxing confrontation, it was a spoof of all the major recent boxing movies. What a letdown! I wanted to see him take her out with one punch.

The show is trying to be goofy, but it just feels bad watching it. It's like the kind of thing that'd make you groan uneasily if you were forced to sit through it.

Craig Bierko was cool in "The Long Kiss Goodnight." Another villain role. He's got so much more edge to him than this new character allows for. And did you see him as Tom Ryan in "Scary Movie 4?" Spoof of Tom Cruise. Awesome.

So, Fox, when can we get back to Cartoon Factor 4? Or, maybe you could come up with a really, really good show to watch Sunday nights... like that new reality show, "The Running Man!"

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Tax Man Cometh

So I heard the government is giving out free money. Free money! But only if you made more than $3000 last year.

So say someone made over $3000, and owes $287 in taxes. Not anymore, thanks to the free money!

Say they owe nothing... I think they get $300... in free money! Or is it more? I'm not sure...

What will we all do with our new allowance? Will we spend it like good children, hopefully stimulating the economy for a short burst that might snowball into an end to the recession? Or will we spend, and as soon as our spending ends, the recession resumes? Or will some of us stuff our newfound riches into the old mattress upstairs?


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wedding Invitations: Beach Style

Have you ever had to plan a wedding? It can be hectic. There are so many different things to think about -- the reception, seating arrangements, food, decorations, color-coordinating the napkins, tablecloths, and surroundings, and of course, inviting people to the main ceremony! You definitely want to use some classy invites to give people the correct indication about your fine event.

1st-class-wedding-invitations.com has a huge assortment of wedding invites, and a great selection of Beach Wedding Invitations. There are so many to choose from, it’s very easy to get customized.

My favorite of the 1st Class Wedding Invitations is the Pearl Embossed Shell one.

I might personalize the card by using a catchphrase only those invited would know about. And of course, I’d remember to use all the correct personal information, like the names of those getting married (as if that could be left out!). Signing each one could be an option, but that seems unnecessary, especially for really big ceremonies.

I like the shell imprint on the invite. It’s nice. I guess it’s like Prom, where you set up the decorations and stuff to make the event feel like it’s at the beach (if the senior class is so inclined). But the shell invite would be hugely appropriate for anyone wanting to actually get married next to the ocean, too!

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South Park Is Really Deep

I just watched the new "South Park" episode focusing on Britney Spears, and it changed the whole series for me. I used to regard the show as entertaining, with a message on the side. Many of the episodes had some social commentary that was infused into wild and wacky adventures. But the Spears episode seemed more focused on delivering a sharp, pointed "What are you doing?!" to the people of America.

I'd wondered a little bit previously about the effect of paparazzis and the media, and how it seemed psychologically damaging to have people hassle you all the time. People who behave in such a way that communicates how little they care about you and how you feel. But I haven't been thinking that much about it lately, until last night's "South Park." It definitely highlights the issue in a dramatic and intense way. I think there must be some "high road" out there for everyone to take, but so far we've failed to recognize or accept it.

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Eating Oysters Can Be Classy

I think it was on the Simpsons that I saw just how crude oyster eating can be. I’m not sure if it was Homer or Patty and Selma, but one or two of them was just using poor manners and sucking the meat right out of the shell. It left marks or some kind of dirt around their mouths, and they didn’t look as cool as they could be.

But check this out:

Classy Oyster Meal

Some people look at eating oysters as a fine dining event, and add other parts to their meal and total experience to make the oyster feast as classy as possible. And from that picture, I’d say it’s a pretty nice time.

But oysters can also create a bad time for those at risk. Gulf oysters and other types sometimes carry bacteria that can make you deathly ill if your immune system is for whatever reason weaker than it should be. Be Oyster Aware is a website (at BeOysterAware.com) that has all kinds of information about how to avoid the deadly bacteria, including treatment methods to eliminate the threat from the oysters, as well as ways to treat an infection after eating contaminated food. BeOysterAware.com can also help you figure out if you’re one of those at risk. Raw oysters present the most potential for spreading the bacteria, so if you are at risk, you’d want to avoid uncooked oysters as much as possible.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ghostbusters 2 Dirty Scientific Joke

I can't believe it!

Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) goes up to Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) and says, "Hi Egon. How's school? I bet those science chicks really dig that large cranium of yours." And then Egon replies, "I think they're more interested in my epididymus."

You can tell by looking at Venkman's face that he'd like to respond, but he's not quite sure what Egon meant, or was referencing. What is the epididymus?

I thought maybe it was like epidermis... That old joke, "Hey, your epidermis is showing!" (Your skin is showing -- like skin on your arm or neck) But... I had to look it up.

Eww, the epididymus is gross!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oysters, Pearls, and Bacteria, Oh My!

The first time I ever encountered oysters, I was fascinated by the idea of finding a pearl. I had previously seen cartoons and other things on television that connected oysters and those valuable little things called pearls, and so I was thrilled by the possibility of finding a pearl and finally owning something of extraordinary value. Unfortunately, any and all pearls were nowhere to be found.

Somewhere deep down, I crave oysters even more now, because I now know that in order to get a pearl, you’ve got to go out into the ocean and do the work yourself. That makes things seem easier, because no one is around to snatch a pearl from you, or to say, “Sorry kid, no pearls here!”

Eating raw oysters that have bacteria can make you sick, but there are three post-harvest processes that can reduce or eliminate that possibility. You either flash freeze the oysters, heat them (or heat and cool them), or pressurize them. That should usually prevent illness, even in someone who eats the oysters raw, but unfortunately these methods are only used for about 10% of U.S. oysters. Still, it can give you comfort knowing that Gulf oysters that have been treated are safer to eat.

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What Happens Next? (Economy)

I feel like the government is playing Jenga with our economy. "Let's see if this will work. Ooh, it's shaking. Better try this... Ok, steady..." It's creepy to think that no one is coming forward with a solid solution. Really, it seems like we're just trying stuff and hoping things turn out all right.

I'm wondering how much the Rate Cuts will pay off. Could we lower the rate too much? What would an economic "overcorrection" look like? Bush said when you overcorrect, you end up in the ditch. I know how that makes sense when you're driving. But if we overstimulate the economy, what would happen? Would that mean that the legitimate means of "fixing things" would be used even less, since the "artificial" stimulation would be producing fake results? And then when that stimulation ends, what happens? Does the real solution come limping back? Or is it gone for good?

I heard our economy is now or will soon be about as bad as it was post-WWII.

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Fantasy Baseball Super Software

Baseball!! Whoo! One of the most popular ways of getting involved with baseball is by playing fantasy baseball, where you manage imaginary baseball teams that perform as well as the players making up those teams would in real life. You do this by keeping track of the real-life players and their statistics. It is a rewarding hobby, but can be challenging because of the research and time involved. But there are ways to make things easier…

Fantasy Sports Prophet’s Fantasy Baseball software could be the top factor in winning fantasy baseball leagues. This software uses Predictive Modeling that was developed by PhD scientists in order to rank players. It features an advanced Draft assistance tool that helps you process every piece of conceivable information that could be used in making a decision regarding a player. The software keeps track of player injuries, statistics, and major updates. Plus, it provides roster management for the entire season, along with additional mid-season updates generated by AI (artificial intelligence). This system is incredible! Too bad it’s 400 Gigs. Just kidding! It’s completely web-based, so you can log on from anywhere in the world! Here’s a screenshot:

The fact that FSP went to the trouble of coming up with this software is mind-blowing. It almost sounds like the CIA had a hand in the program’s development. With so much information at your fingertips, it would be hard not to run a fantastic season. But what would that get you? What would winning in a fantasy league mean? Just that your friends and fellow enthusiasts would admire and respect your dedication to the sport, and thoroughness in the fantasy league. And if you had money riding on the season, you could come away a few bucks richer!

Speaking of bucks, you can save 10 (that’s Ten Dollars) by using the promotional code BMC200. So good luck with your secret weapon, good luck with the game, and have a great season!

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New Simpsons (Martin's Death) Was Great

I remember a few Sundays ago there was a fantastic "Simpsons" episode on Fox. It was great. I mean really, really good! It was brand new, but it felt as cool as one of the early episodes, plus it was full of deeper jokes. I mean it kept you thinking throughout the show, because there was so much humor stuffed in.

I think it was the one where Martin died. Or did he? Nelson took up an investigation. It was a pretty hardcore episode, because it kept the mystery up right until the very end. It was crazy to think that Martin was no longer going to be a part of the show. But that's the way it goes, I guess... (Or is it?)

I thought an earlier episode that said, "The End?" at the end meant the end of the series. The show has been on the air for a long time, and I figured maybe someone somewhere decided it was finally time to stop. But maybe that "The End?" was just a one-episode gag. The fact that they can keep coming up with new stuff is just amazing, and they keep doing the show well! I guess they're trying to make up for the time when critics were writing articles about how the show was past its prime. But that's not the case anymore! They just keep expanding the "Simpsons" reality deeper and deeper... I love it!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Got Debt? Consolidation Is Just A Click Away

These days, lots of people are having money troubles. You see ads on TV saying “Call us up” or “Come on down and refinance!” But now things are so much simpler. You can consolidate your loans online! SecureLoanConsolidation.com provides visitors with information regarding a bunch of different local financial services. So if you lived in New Jersey, and wanted to consolidate your New Jersey Loans, you just scroll to the bottom of the SecureLoanConsolidation.com home page and click on your state. You could then even get more specific, and look up information by city.

Debt Consolidation is all the rage these days, but not every company is the same. At SecureLoanConsolidation.com, you’ll have access to all kinds of expert information in a directory that organizes lending institutions according to location. To get the best deals, it’s important to shop around, and you can do that right from the comfort of your own home. If you have money problems and are looking into the areas of cash advance loans, credit counseling, credit repair, debt consolidation, mortgage home loans, mortgage refinancing, payday loans, or tax relief, then SecureLoanConsolidation.com probably has some of the answers that you’re looking for.

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Writers Strike Is Over, And I Can Only Imagine...

What shows did we miss out on?

Actually, I'm thinking the Writers Strike did us all a huge favor in one way. It filtered out all the garbage that may have been given the green light had times not been so tough. So we were saved from having to endure ad after ad screaming, "Watch this new lame show! Watch it or you'll never fit in! It's horrible, and a waste of time, and you'll probably be stupider for watching it, but watch it anyway!!"

On the other hand, there is one type of show that has notoriously defied the entire world of writers. That's right -- a reality show. I was afraid and dismayed during the writers strike, thinking that television would be taken over by "real" crudity. "Hey, sex sells." "Hey, violence sells." "Hey, awkward situations sell." Hey, the dumbing down of America and the systematic removal of classy behavior from the public realm of perception should not be a priority! Alas, it seemed it was.

And maybe is.

But now that the writers are back, I get the distinct impression that the few new shows that survived long enough to stay on the air are only going to get better. I hope...

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oysters - Pearls + Gold = Cha-Ching!

What if oysters didn’t produce pearls anymore? What if instead they started generating money?! What kind of money…? Gold coins!

The market would slowly flood with gold as venture capitalists from all areas gravitate toward the oyster industry. Hundreds of oyster farms would spring up overnight. Suddenly, everybody’s rich. “Here, have some gold!” Pretty soon, the value of gold plummets… Or does it?

The way the economy is going, if America were the only nation with gold-producing oysters, we’d probably be back on top. After all, our dollars stopped being backed by gold when we ran out of the metal, right? I mean, we printed so much money that we could no longer support it with our existing gold supply. But with oyster-gold, we’d be free to print as much money as we needed, and it would never lose value, because we’d have an infinite supply of riches -- thanks to oysters!

It’s too bad oysters can’t produce gold. What’s worse, did you know that they can kill you? That’s right, some oysters have bacteria that can be lethal if you’re sick or have a weak immune system. This is a serious problem, especially for people who love Gulf oysters, because their favorite meal can often end up tainted by deadly bacteria.

To learn more about this threat and how to avoid it, visit BeOysterAware.com.

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Lewis Black: Root of All Evil

I watched the pilot. I was blown away for the first 10 minutes. I thought, "Wow, this show is great! Way better than I expected."

But it was all downhill from there.

There was Lewis Black, who's great. There was one comic talking about Oprah, and he was really good. He seemed to be living up to the "Daily Show" level of excellence.

Then there was that same guy that grossed out the last Lewis Black New Year's party. His humor was crude and sexual. When the audience didn't really enjoy it, he got antsy.

It was weird. It was like he was thinking, "What, you don't like all this sick stuff? Oh no! Hell hath frozen over!"

What did he expect?

But get this, the good comic was playing to the audience. After all, that's what they're there for, right? To enjoy the show.

The other guy, upon seeing that he lost the audience, turned his back to them. He literally turned around to face Lewis Black, and then nervously continued to the show's host. It was weird.

I paid close attention at the end, and I noticed something else.

After the better comic won, he approached the gross guy and extended his hand. The other guy refused to shake hands, and left. Cut to credits...

Oh well. At least the first half was decent. Maybe the guy who lost will realize that in order to win an audience you have to understand how much sick stuff they can tolerate, and alter your act accordingly. But what do I know? I'm just some random audience member who didn't laugh that much at the dirty humor.

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For Students of Engineering: Kettering University

If you’re a fan of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME), you’ll probably enjoy hearing about Michigan’s Kettering University. "U.S. News & World Report" has published its 2008 copy of "America's Best Colleges Guide," and guess what ranking Kettering got for IME? Number One! They’re the best.

Part of the reason Kettering is doing so well and is ranked so highly has to do with its unique program. An education at Kettering entails being placed in a company from the start, as soon as you enter your freshman year. As a student, you would then rotate between the University and your co-op job every 3 months. This allows all students to build a body of practical experience, right from the get-go.

I don’t know about you, but one thing that I’ve come to find is that some educational institutions focus more on learning about the past rather than living in the present. You might go somewhere and learn from a textbook about how they did things 10 years ago, and that doesn’t always cut it when new discoveries and new techniques are constantly being made. It is especially important to stay up-to-date nowadays, what with the huge leaps and bounds information technology continues to make. Our environment has become so enhanced by technology that being even one week out of date can mean disaster in some industries. That’s why hands-on learning is so important. Thankfully, Kettering is all about professional immersion.

The internship program at Kettering is so exclusive and so distinct that there are only 13 others like it in the entire country. So if you’re a fan of industrial engineering, engineering co-op programs, hands-on learning, and gaining immediate, practical experience, then Kettering University should be right up your alley!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New South Park Tonight! Plus Lewis Black...

I can't wait. I'm a big fan now, ever since I saw "Make Love, Not Warcraft" debut. That episode was awesome. And now there will be another new episode! Great!

Plus, afterwards, Lewis Black's new show airs. But I'm thinking it will be a dismal failure. Why? Let me explain.

After seeing Lewis Black perform on "The Daily Show," I became a fan. He's smart, and hilarious. So I paid attention when his comedy specials would air. When he gets the mic, he's awesome. Two years ago (I think), at the end of the year, he was in a New Year's Comedy special with a couple other comics. It was all right. Last year he did the same thing. He was ok. The other guys didn't nearly match up. One of them was too obscene to be funny. Just gross.

Anyway, that made me realize that Lewis Black is only funny by himself. For whatever reason, he is usually paired with lesser comics, and one of them will inevitably drag the whole show down. It looks like his new show will be exactly that -- Him presiding over lesser comics, who try to measure up. Untested, unproven performers whose faces scream "See? See? I'm funny! Like me!!"

Why, Comedy Central, why? It's like Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Quinn was great by himself too, but when a bunch of jerks are fighting for attention, a show becomes hard to watch. Maybe they're trying to avoid another Frank TV, where the host looks like he doesn't have enough time to fill out the whole show... I don't know. I just expect so much more from Lewis Black based on his solo performances that I find it hard to justify teaming him with comics he could outperform any day of the week.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe his underlings will measure up the way the Daily Show news correspondents do. Those guys are awesome.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Old Show: That's My Bush

I never watched "That's My Bush" for more than a few minutes at a time, and those times were limited in number to 2 or 3. It didn't seem that entertaining. But it's interesting to reflect on the show for a couple of reasons.

First off, it was made by the "South Park" guys, and I'm a bigger fan of them now than I was then. Second, the show didn't really slam the prez, but rather sitcoms in general. And third, the show was canceled before 9/11.

Post 9/11, the country became ultra-patriotic, and political criticism became uncool.

Post-post 9/11, during the Iraq War Era, political criticism regained its coolness, and "Little Bush" filled the political satire vacuum on Comedy Central.

It's interesting to listen to the theme from "That's My Bush," especially since the very first few notes sound a tiny bit like "If I Only Had A Brain."

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Planning Ahead For Black Friday

Usually if you want to save money on your Holiday shopping, you camp out around store entrances before the stores open on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). There are incredible deals to be had, but only for those who show up first. And since those stores are tending to open their doors earlier and earlier, it might be best to line up now, while it’s still March! But wait, there is a better way to shop -- online!

I just recently came across BlackFriday.info, and I’ve got to say this site has definitely found a worthy niche. It specializes in allowing visitors to buy their Black Friday products online, at any time of the day. That means no more standing in line for 3 days just to get a $50 computer! Plus, you can get email alerts telling when new BF ads are posted.

How does it work? Well, around the time of Black Friday, most big name stores (I like Best Buy) with deals on location will also offer time-sensitive deals online. BlackFriday.info keeps tabs on all these terrific offers, and keeps you in the know!

The site would be useful for planning your shopping next holiday season, since it would save you the time of standing outside in the cold, waiting for stores to open. Plus, you’ll save a ton of cash, what with all the special discounts the site can tell you about. So for the best thanksgiving deals on the net, visit BlackFriday.info!

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New Amsterdam - Highlander For Girls

Just kidding. But let's think about it. In "Highlander," our hero fought, killed, absorbed power, and healed without scarring. He did seek love, but the thing that would make him age was killing all the other immortals.

Now, in "New Amsterdam," our hero doesn't fight. He thinks. And he scars. Chicks love scars! And in order to grow old, he must fall in love. Oh yeah, his heart is faulty.

One thing I've never agreed with regarding immortality is how an immortal should think "Gee, it would be great to be old." There are so many elderly people suffering from debilitating health problems that the line of thinking New Amsterdam uses just seems absurd. "I wish I could get old..." Yeah right!

If someone really did achieve immortality, and they were sick of living, why wouldn't they wish for death? Get to the point, and skip the years of winding down, of having everything you value in a health sense slowly slip away. You usually lose your mobility, your agility, your sight, your hearing, your attractive, bubbly personality and appearance, the taste of great food, the ability to digest meals comfortably, and ultimately, you lose the ability to think and remember with the clarity of youth. So why wouldn't an immortal want to skip that middle step, and just die already if he's in such a hurry? Or better yet, why not bodily ascend to Heaven? After all, with hundreds of years to meditate, an immortal should be able to achieve enlightenment, right?

Just imagine if John Amsterdam was alive for thousands of years. Given what we've seen so far, his scars build up. And over the course of a few millennia, he'd probably scar so much that he ends up looking like a monster. How would his romantic quest play out then? That could even happen next episode if he gets trapped in a burning building.

Really, it doesn't make sense to me that his internal functions are able to continue flawlessly, perpetually (they don't "reform" in a slightly flawed way, so he doesn't scar on the inside) and yet his skin can't seem to heal without leaving behind a deformed memento.

I always thought that immortality was achieved when everything that "breaks" can be replaced perfectly. A damaged heart would have to heal flawlessly, without scar tissue, otherwise it would give out eventually. But maybe that's why he had a heart attack. Plus, he's got a lethal (right?) dose of lead in him. So maybe this guy is a "weak" immortal, where he can be worn down over time with scar tissue and a funky buildup of toxic chemicals. In the year 2246, they'll call him "Toxic Man," relic of old, hero to those in need of radiation. I wonder if he could survive an atomic blast...

I'm thinking the next few episodes will probably explain a few more details about his gift, and these "cracks" in the logic of the story will heal -- without scarring!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Want A Wii? How About High-Speed Internet For Life?

I just found out about this. Charter Communications is hosting two events simultaneously - an Auction and a Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes is for a Nintendo Wii, with everything you need to play. If you’re the winner, you get the Nintendo Wii Console, the Stand, a Nunchuck Controller, a Sensor Bar, a Remote Controller, an AV Cable, and the AC Adapter. Plus you get 5 Wii games: Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis. So hey, sports fans! Line up! Or I should say, Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!

What about the Auction? What’s that for? Oh, only Charter High-Speed® Internet …for Life! The winner gets a Gateway Modem, professional installation, and “the highest Charter High-Speed Internet Service in Market for Life.” The starting bid is $10, and the reserve is…non-existent! That’s right, if you’re the only one who bids, you get the total package for just Ten Dollars!

Sounds great, right? But only a select few can bid in the auction. You must reside in a Charter serviceable area. That means that Charter High-Speed® Internet must be available where you live already if you want to participate. And you’ve got to be 18. So, if you’re old enough to vote, and Charter’s services are offered locally… you qualify!

This whole thing reminds me of that new show “New Amsterdam,” where the girl made the guy immortal? Here, Charter could make your High-Speed immortal! But only if you bid…

The Auction begins March 12, so Pre-Register today!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Derek Reese Teaches Good Hygiene

On Monday, we were awarded two full hours (well, not quite full because of the ads) of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." During one scene, Derek Reese is shown brushing his teeth. Sarah Connor says, "You've been at that for 20 minutes." Derek says nothing.

My theory is that when you're a resistance fighter in the future, you don't often get a chance to brush your teeth and clean the rat meat out of your gums. You get used to walking around with the aftertaste of whatever you ate three days ago in your mouth. So now, finally, Derek's got some time to himself, and access to highly specialized instruments for oral health. Why wouldn't he make up for lost brushing time? It makes me appreciate that I (for the most part) can brush my teeth whenever I want.

I'll bet all the little kids who watch Terminator will start to brush more often!

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Renovating? Need Door Handles?

How many times have you opened a door? A lot, right? Too many times to count. And most of the time, you had to pay some small amount of attention to the door handle, in order to manipulate it properly to make the door open. Maybe it was just a knob, and you turned it. Or maybe it was a handle, and you pushed it down. Maybe it was broken, and you spun it 360 degrees! The point is, your mind was engaged in that moment, focused on the door handle. While most of your focus was on the function of the handle, a small amount was on the form.

There are times when we need to renovate our flats or houses, and part of our project includes getting replacement door handles. Maybe even door knockers. Sure, function is probably the top factor in our decision for which kind of handle to get. But did you know there is a whole rang of forms to choose from? DoorChic.co.uk specializes in fashionable door handles, door knockers, and a whole range of other door hardware. The point in getting a new door handle isn’t just function anymore. You’ve got to get one that stylishly complements the rest of your door. You can accentuate a space with an attractive door handle, to such an extent that people say, “Ooh, how lovely.” After all, first impressions are all about making people appreciate who and what they’re dealing with as soon as possible. What better way than to start right at the front door?

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Trends In Fox's Sunday Night Schedule

A few weeks ago, I was psyched to watch new episodes of "The Simpsons," "Family Guy," and "American Dad," broadcast between 8 and 10pm Sunday night. I was disappointed to find that at 8:05pm, a sporting event was running over its allotted time, and obscuring the promised programming. So I waited.

And waited.

Finally, at 9:30pm, the new episode of "The Simpsons" aired. It was followed directly by Fox News at 10. So the hour and a half of other shows were obliterated. Gee whiz...

So is there a precedent there, a rule that can be counted on for next time? Will Fox News always air at 10 no matter what, even if it must cut off the originally promised programming? Maybe...

Last night, Nascar ran over again. But this time, it wrapped itself up at 8:30pm, at which point "The Simpsons" aired. Then at 9, half an hour late, "King of the Hill" aired. Then at 9:30, half an hour late, "Family Guy" aired. Then at 9:58pm, Fox began broadcasting the pilot episode for a new series, as promised in the advertising, though scheduled for 9:30. I thought, "Wait, won't the News come on at 10?" Fox then displayed an info bar at the bottom of the screen with a textual message saying Fox News would immediately follow the end of the show. The News aired at 10:30, half an hour late.

So a few weeks ago, Fox cut off the extra hour and a half they'd pushed aside. Last night, they extended the programming by 30 minutes.

What's the lesson?

If the delay is only 30 minutes, Fox will push the news from 10 to 10:30 and allow the final promised program to air? But not for a 90-minute delay...


They'll only push the News back for a pilot episode...?

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Origins of Connor Chronicles' Cameron

Cameron is the name of the girl Terminator on "The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Where did she come from? When did she get created?

I think they showed that she was hanging around in the future in the year 2029, after she'd been reprogrammed to work for humanity against the Machines. Could she have been sent from a future-future, back to the future? Like, did she get built in 2070, and then get sent back by John Connor's son to the year 2029, at which point she fulfilled some mission, and then was sent back to 1999?

Nah. That's too complicated.

But what model is she? T-888? T-950? T-2000? I don't think she's a Terminatrix (liquid metal outside, hyper-alloy combat chassis inside), but you never know...

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Feng Shui To The Max

Are you into Feng Shui? You know, that ancient Chinese system for placing objects (like indoor furniture) in such a way that you achieve harmony with your environment? Well you might be interested in Dragon-Gate.com. It’s the web’s oldest site devoted to Feng Shui. They have everything, from Feng Shui advice and tips for the discerning enthusiast, to Feng Shui reports and products for the motivated consumer. And if you’re seriously into Feng Shui, they’ve even got a brand new member’s only designation -- just for you. It’s called the Dragon Club.

You can pay to join, and you’ll gain access to special promotions that regular customers can’t get, plus preferential treatment as a Dragon Club member.

Also, the Dragon Points reward system will treat you special, in that you’ll get twice as many points as a non-Dragon Club member. And of course, you’ll get discounts on every single purchase. And the best part? If you buy $200 worth of merchandise, the Dragon Club membership is complimentary. That’s right -- it’s absolutely free.

I like getting discounts, and I’m sure you do too. I also like preferential treatment, as most people do. And I definitely like double points! So if you’re a fan of Feng Shui, check out The Dragon Club today!

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Journey Man's Journey Is Over

Have you heard what I've heard? I could be wrong, but I heard that "Journey Man" is done. Finito. Canceled. Gee...I wonder why?

Maybe it's because the wife took an absurdly long amount of time to figure out that her husband could no longer control his location in space-time. "Honey, promise me you'll be there." "I promise." And then she believes him...Lame! And then later, when he rewrites history by dropping his camera in the past, he shows up to see a daughter instead of a son. As soon as he brings up the fact that something is amiss, his wife shuts her brain off and goes into lioness protectoress mode. "Gee, I don't want to think about why he wants to change things, or what I might be missing in this life. All I want to do is prevent any kind of change from happening, even if it's good..."

Looks like she failed in that respect, because the show is over! Thanks, writers... Your strike has saved many of us the frustration of watching a show that could be great, but continually disappoints us....hey waitaminute! It was your fault all along! Yeah! You writers wrote that lameness into the wife's character! How dare you...

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