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Monday, March 17, 2008

Writers Strike Is Over, And I Can Only Imagine...

What shows did we miss out on?

Actually, I'm thinking the Writers Strike did us all a huge favor in one way. It filtered out all the garbage that may have been given the green light had times not been so tough. So we were saved from having to endure ad after ad screaming, "Watch this new lame show! Watch it or you'll never fit in! It's horrible, and a waste of time, and you'll probably be stupider for watching it, but watch it anyway!!"

On the other hand, there is one type of show that has notoriously defied the entire world of writers. That's right -- a reality show. I was afraid and dismayed during the writers strike, thinking that television would be taken over by "real" crudity. "Hey, sex sells." "Hey, violence sells." "Hey, awkward situations sell." Hey, the dumbing down of America and the systematic removal of classy behavior from the public realm of perception should not be a priority! Alas, it seemed it was.

And maybe is.

But now that the writers are back, I get the distinct impression that the few new shows that survived long enough to stay on the air are only going to get better. I hope...

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