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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Renovating? Need Door Handles?

How many times have you opened a door? A lot, right? Too many times to count. And most of the time, you had to pay some small amount of attention to the door handle, in order to manipulate it properly to make the door open. Maybe it was just a knob, and you turned it. Or maybe it was a handle, and you pushed it down. Maybe it was broken, and you spun it 360 degrees! The point is, your mind was engaged in that moment, focused on the door handle. While most of your focus was on the function of the handle, a small amount was on the form.

There are times when we need to renovate our flats or houses, and part of our project includes getting replacement door handles. Maybe even door knockers. Sure, function is probably the top factor in our decision for which kind of handle to get. But did you know there is a whole rang of forms to choose from? specializes in fashionable door handles, door knockers, and a whole range of other door hardware. The point in getting a new door handle isn’t just function anymore. You’ve got to get one that stylishly complements the rest of your door. You can accentuate a space with an attractive door handle, to such an extent that people say, “Ooh, how lovely.” After all, first impressions are all about making people appreciate who and what they’re dealing with as soon as possible. What better way than to start right at the front door?

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