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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New South Park Tonight! Plus Lewis Black...

I can't wait. I'm a big fan now, ever since I saw "Make Love, Not Warcraft" debut. That episode was awesome. And now there will be another new episode! Great!

Plus, afterwards, Lewis Black's new show airs. But I'm thinking it will be a dismal failure. Why? Let me explain.

After seeing Lewis Black perform on "The Daily Show," I became a fan. He's smart, and hilarious. So I paid attention when his comedy specials would air. When he gets the mic, he's awesome. Two years ago (I think), at the end of the year, he was in a New Year's Comedy special with a couple other comics. It was all right. Last year he did the same thing. He was ok. The other guys didn't nearly match up. One of them was too obscene to be funny. Just gross.

Anyway, that made me realize that Lewis Black is only funny by himself. For whatever reason, he is usually paired with lesser comics, and one of them will inevitably drag the whole show down. It looks like his new show will be exactly that -- Him presiding over lesser comics, who try to measure up. Untested, unproven performers whose faces scream "See? See? I'm funny! Like me!!"

Why, Comedy Central, why? It's like Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Quinn was great by himself too, but when a bunch of jerks are fighting for attention, a show becomes hard to watch. Maybe they're trying to avoid another Frank TV, where the host looks like he doesn't have enough time to fill out the whole show... I don't know. I just expect so much more from Lewis Black based on his solo performances that I find it hard to justify teaming him with comics he could outperform any day of the week.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe his underlings will measure up the way the Daily Show news correspondents do. Those guys are awesome.

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