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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oysters - Pearls + Gold = Cha-Ching!

What if oysters didn’t produce pearls anymore? What if instead they started generating money?! What kind of money…? Gold coins!

The market would slowly flood with gold as venture capitalists from all areas gravitate toward the oyster industry. Hundreds of oyster farms would spring up overnight. Suddenly, everybody’s rich. “Here, have some gold!” Pretty soon, the value of gold plummets… Or does it?

The way the economy is going, if America were the only nation with gold-producing oysters, we’d probably be back on top. After all, our dollars stopped being backed by gold when we ran out of the metal, right? I mean, we printed so much money that we could no longer support it with our existing gold supply. But with oyster-gold, we’d be free to print as much money as we needed, and it would never lose value, because we’d have an infinite supply of riches -- thanks to oysters!

It’s too bad oysters can’t produce gold. What’s worse, did you know that they can kill you? That’s right, some oysters have bacteria that can be lethal if you’re sick or have a weak immune system. This is a serious problem, especially for people who love Gulf oysters, because their favorite meal can often end up tainted by deadly bacteria.

To learn more about this threat and how to avoid it, visit BeOysterAware.com.

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