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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eating Oysters Can Be Classy

I think it was on the Simpsons that I saw just how crude oyster eating can be. I’m not sure if it was Homer or Patty and Selma, but one or two of them was just using poor manners and sucking the meat right out of the shell. It left marks or some kind of dirt around their mouths, and they didn’t look as cool as they could be.

But check this out:

Classy Oyster Meal

Some people look at eating oysters as a fine dining event, and add other parts to their meal and total experience to make the oyster feast as classy as possible. And from that picture, I’d say it’s a pretty nice time.

But oysters can also create a bad time for those at risk. Gulf oysters and other types sometimes carry bacteria that can make you deathly ill if your immune system is for whatever reason weaker than it should be. Be Oyster Aware is a website (at that has all kinds of information about how to avoid the deadly bacteria, including treatment methods to eliminate the threat from the oysters, as well as ways to treat an infection after eating contaminated food. can also help you figure out if you’re one of those at risk. Raw oysters present the most potential for spreading the bacteria, so if you are at risk, you’d want to avoid uncooked oysters as much as possible.

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