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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Want A Wii? How About High-Speed Internet For Life?

I just found out about this. Charter Communications is hosting two events simultaneously - an Auction and a Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes is for a Nintendo Wii, with everything you need to play. If you’re the winner, you get the Nintendo Wii Console, the Stand, a Nunchuck Controller, a Sensor Bar, a Remote Controller, an AV Cable, and the AC Adapter. Plus you get 5 Wii games: Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis. So hey, sports fans! Line up! Or I should say, Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!

What about the Auction? What’s that for? Oh, only Charter High-Speed® Internet …for Life! The winner gets a Gateway Modem, professional installation, and “the highest Charter High-Speed Internet Service in Market for Life.” The starting bid is $10, and the reserve is…non-existent! That’s right, if you’re the only one who bids, you get the total package for just Ten Dollars!

Sounds great, right? But only a select few can bid in the auction. You must reside in a Charter serviceable area. That means that Charter High-Speed® Internet must be available where you live already if you want to participate. And you’ve got to be 18. So, if you’re old enough to vote, and Charter’s services are offered locally… you qualify!

This whole thing reminds me of that new show “New Amsterdam,” where the girl made the guy immortal? Here, Charter could make your High-Speed immortal! But only if you bid…

The Auction begins March 12, so Pre-Register today!

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