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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Super Software

Baseball!! Whoo! One of the most popular ways of getting involved with baseball is by playing fantasy baseball, where you manage imaginary baseball teams that perform as well as the players making up those teams would in real life. You do this by keeping track of the real-life players and their statistics. It is a rewarding hobby, but can be challenging because of the research and time involved. But there are ways to make things easier…

Fantasy Sports Prophet’s Fantasy Baseball software could be the top factor in winning fantasy baseball leagues. This software uses Predictive Modeling that was developed by PhD scientists in order to rank players. It features an advanced Draft assistance tool that helps you process every piece of conceivable information that could be used in making a decision regarding a player. The software keeps track of player injuries, statistics, and major updates. Plus, it provides roster management for the entire season, along with additional mid-season updates generated by AI (artificial intelligence). This system is incredible! Too bad it’s 400 Gigs. Just kidding! It’s completely web-based, so you can log on from anywhere in the world! Here’s a screenshot:

The fact that FSP went to the trouble of coming up with this software is mind-blowing. It almost sounds like the CIA had a hand in the program’s development. With so much information at your fingertips, it would be hard not to run a fantastic season. But what would that get you? What would winning in a fantasy league mean? Just that your friends and fellow enthusiasts would admire and respect your dedication to the sport, and thoroughness in the fantasy league. And if you had money riding on the season, you could come away a few bucks richer!

Speaking of bucks, you can save 10 (that’s Ten Dollars) by using the promotional code BMC200. So good luck with your secret weapon, good luck with the game, and have a great season!

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