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Friday, March 7, 2008

Planning Ahead For Black Friday

Usually if you want to save money on your Holiday shopping, you camp out around store entrances before the stores open on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). There are incredible deals to be had, but only for those who show up first. And since those stores are tending to open their doors earlier and earlier, it might be best to line up now, while it’s still March! But wait, there is a better way to shop -- online!

I just recently came across, and I’ve got to say this site has definitely found a worthy niche. It specializes in allowing visitors to buy their Black Friday products online, at any time of the day. That means no more standing in line for 3 days just to get a $50 computer! Plus, you can get email alerts telling when new BF ads are posted.

How does it work? Well, around the time of Black Friday, most big name stores (I like Best Buy) with deals on location will also offer time-sensitive deals online. keeps tabs on all these terrific offers, and keeps you in the know!

The site would be useful for planning your shopping next holiday season, since it would save you the time of standing outside in the cold, waiting for stores to open. Plus, you’ll save a ton of cash, what with all the special discounts the site can tell you about. So for the best thanksgiving deals on the net, visit!

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