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Thursday, March 20, 2008

South Park Is Really Deep

I just watched the new "South Park" episode focusing on Britney Spears, and it changed the whole series for me. I used to regard the show as entertaining, with a message on the side. Many of the episodes had some social commentary that was infused into wild and wacky adventures. But the Spears episode seemed more focused on delivering a sharp, pointed "What are you doing?!" to the people of America.

I'd wondered a little bit previously about the effect of paparazzis and the media, and how it seemed psychologically damaging to have people hassle you all the time. People who behave in such a way that communicates how little they care about you and how you feel. But I haven't been thinking that much about it lately, until last night's "South Park." It definitely highlights the issue in a dramatic and intense way. I think there must be some "high road" out there for everyone to take, but so far we've failed to recognize or accept it.

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