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Friday, March 7, 2008

New Amsterdam - Highlander For Girls

Just kidding. But let's think about it. In "Highlander," our hero fought, killed, absorbed power, and healed without scarring. He did seek love, but the thing that would make him age was killing all the other immortals.

Now, in "New Amsterdam," our hero doesn't fight. He thinks. And he scars. Chicks love scars! And in order to grow old, he must fall in love. Oh yeah, his heart is faulty.

One thing I've never agreed with regarding immortality is how an immortal should think "Gee, it would be great to be old." There are so many elderly people suffering from debilitating health problems that the line of thinking New Amsterdam uses just seems absurd. "I wish I could get old..." Yeah right!

If someone really did achieve immortality, and they were sick of living, why wouldn't they wish for death? Get to the point, and skip the years of winding down, of having everything you value in a health sense slowly slip away. You usually lose your mobility, your agility, your sight, your hearing, your attractive, bubbly personality and appearance, the taste of great food, the ability to digest meals comfortably, and ultimately, you lose the ability to think and remember with the clarity of youth. So why wouldn't an immortal want to skip that middle step, and just die already if he's in such a hurry? Or better yet, why not bodily ascend to Heaven? After all, with hundreds of years to meditate, an immortal should be able to achieve enlightenment, right?

Just imagine if John Amsterdam was alive for thousands of years. Given what we've seen so far, his scars build up. And over the course of a few millennia, he'd probably scar so much that he ends up looking like a monster. How would his romantic quest play out then? That could even happen next episode if he gets trapped in a burning building.

Really, it doesn't make sense to me that his internal functions are able to continue flawlessly, perpetually (they don't "reform" in a slightly flawed way, so he doesn't scar on the inside) and yet his skin can't seem to heal without leaving behind a deformed memento.

I always thought that immortality was achieved when everything that "breaks" can be replaced perfectly. A damaged heart would have to heal flawlessly, without scar tissue, otherwise it would give out eventually. But maybe that's why he had a heart attack. Plus, he's got a lethal (right?) dose of lead in him. So maybe this guy is a "weak" immortal, where he can be worn down over time with scar tissue and a funky buildup of toxic chemicals. In the year 2246, they'll call him "Toxic Man," relic of old, hero to those in need of radiation. I wonder if he could survive an atomic blast...

I'm thinking the next few episodes will probably explain a few more details about his gift, and these "cracks" in the logic of the story will heal -- without scarring!

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