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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Origins of Connor Chronicles' Cameron

Cameron is the name of the girl Terminator on "The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Where did she come from? When did she get created?

I think they showed that she was hanging around in the future in the year 2029, after she'd been reprogrammed to work for humanity against the Machines. Could she have been sent from a future-future, back to the future? Like, did she get built in 2070, and then get sent back by John Connor's son to the year 2029, at which point she fulfilled some mission, and then was sent back to 1999?

Nah. That's too complicated.

But what model is she? T-888? T-950? T-2000? I don't think she's a Terminatrix (liquid metal outside, hyper-alloy combat chassis inside), but you never know...

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