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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

American Dad vs. Family Guy

I think American Dad seems more polished as far as the animation goes. But maybe that's because lately I've been watching some of the older Family Guy episodes on TBS. They're so old, they sometimes seem new to me!

I still get the impression, though, that the animation is subtly different with American Dad. Maybe the colors are brighter, and the lines are thicker. It gives it a more "professional" feel, even though both cartoons are run by the same guy.

I heard that the reason American Dad is so similar to Family Guy is that at the time of American Dad's creation, Family Guy was canceled. Then Family Guy got resurrected while American Dad still got launched. But I think the two shows have diverged now.

Every so often I think about that jewel encrusted object that American Dad sometimes focuses on. I'd really like to see where that storyline leads. I'll be at some point they'll just randomly bring the main characters back in on it and end it really quickly. I'd like to see it continue, though.

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