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Monday, August 11, 2008

USA vs. China Basketball 2008

It was awesome! I don't usually watch basketball, but the other day I watched the U.S. Dream Team take on China, and I really enjoyed it. I heard it was supposed to be the most watched basketball game in history. I also heard that the Chinese are intensely passionate about basketball! Cool...

The game started off with the Chinese earning some points. I thought, "Wow, will they win?" Then it seemed even, US vs China, and then the US just took off, earning a 30 point lead! That was really great, especially considering how (I think) back in '92 we'd had huge point leads that had decreased over the years.

Yao Ming played for China. His foot/ankle was hurt, but he gave the game his all. Even after exiting to the bench, he was cheering his team on at every positive event. It was really fun to watch such a friendly game. And with modern technology, the image was pretty crisp. Thanks, Olympics!

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