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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scotland Oil Strike, U.S. Food Rationing

I just read at Yahoo that Scotland oil workers are striking over pension issues. The refinery that has been shut down because of the strike supplies "almost a third of Britain's North Sea oil."

That's nuts... Hmm... I thought the major oil problems were that we're running out, and that the Middle East has a lot of it. But now there are problems with oil that have nothing to do with the substance at all!

I also heard American store Costco has begun rationing bags of rice. I think each bag weighs 16 pounds. And a customer is only allowed 3 per visit. Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" said it's no big deal, that's still a lot. But the fact that rationing has begun seems scary. Sure, in a place with "plenty" of resources, you'd set initial rations to be huge. But over time they can get smaller and smaller....

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