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Friday, April 18, 2008

Technology To Meet Every Need

I remember a time when an older friend of mine was making a phone call, and he couldn’t hear very well. He kept saying, “What? Speak up. What?” It’s too bad they didn’t make the speakers in the phone powerful enough…

I love it when problems get solved by technology. In the past, people weren’t able to quickly and easily communicate over long distances without the aid of a land line telephone or a computer. Or television or radio if you were a part of the media, but most people weren’t! Then cell phones were invented and refined, and practically anybody anywhere could get in touch with anyone anywhere else.

BUT! There were still problems. Some people found the buttons too small, too difficult to press, too hard to see. The letters and numbers in the display were too tiny to read. And the volume of the call was too low to hear! Plus, the phone was uncomfortable up against your ear.

Well now the cell phone has been even further refined to solve all those problems, and more. There’s a phone called the Jitterbug that is just plain terrific. It’s easy to use, and especially convenient for senior citizens.

It’s got large, backlit buttons. That means you’ll be able to see and press them, even in the dark! It also comes with a padded ear rest, a super-high power speaker for hearing even the faintest of voices, and a system that produces sound designed to be compatible with every conceivable hearing aid.

But the best part is that when you’ve got a Jitterbug phone, you’re never alone! Each phone plan comes with 24 hour a day customer service that can help you make calls. They can even program your phone with new names and numbers, and provide you with detailed directory assistance.

These days, it pays to have specialized technology with a great support staff. And with the Jitterbug, you can, for only $10/month.

There are a ton of service plans to choose from. You can pay monthly, and get as few or as many minutes of Jitterbug use as you want. Or you could pay yearly. And you can always buy more minutes. There’s also the option of getting one plan and sharing it among 2 or more people. You can even get voicemail!

With the Jitterbug, everything’s been taken care of in advance. All you need to do is choose what kind of Jitterbug service you’d like!

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