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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

South Park: Canada On Strike!

[Spoiler Alert!]

It took me half the episode before I figured out why the World Canada Bureau was shortened to "WGA." Writers' Guild of America!

Canada went on strike, demanded more money, the South Park kids called Canada up, the guy in charge took them seriously, and demanded internet money. So the kids put a video on YouTube and went somewhere and stood in line to collect their "theoretical" revenue ($10 million theoretical dollars).

I guess you get 1 theoretical dollar every time your video gets a hit? Like, "$1, see the show, only $1." But now everything's "free" on the net, so the original creators who post on YouTube don't get the money.

Anyway, the WGA (Canada) kept striking, and it looked like the Executives (rest of the world) was anticipating the deaths of the strikers. And they didn't care. "Who need 'em?" seemed to be the general consensus.

So the kids stepped in and fixed the problem by calling an end to the strike, with the WGA (Canada) getting really lame compensation.

I thought, "Did that really happen? Was the Writers' Strike a failure in reality, but a success in the news?"

Wikipedia says the writers all got a raise of between 3 and 3.5%. That doesn't seem like a lot... And that pay hike only lasts 3 years.

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