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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The 5 Terminator Timelines

Terminator 1:

Orig Timeline: John Connor is born, father unknown. SkyNet is engineered through normal technological development. Judgement Day occurs on August 29, 1997. No time travel happens until after SkyNet's Defense Grid is smashed. At that point, Kyle Reese and the Terminator go back to 1984.

Terminator 1, 2, and 3:

Timeline 2: Kyle Reese fathers John Connor. At age 10, JC meets Kate Brewster, and the two develop a lasting relationship. JC grows up and knowingly sends Reese back to 1984. Reverse-engineered Terminator technology speeds humanity toward Judgement Day.

Timeline 3: When John is 10, the T-800 and T-1000 come back through time to battle, preventing JC and KB from meeting until later. The Terminator technology is destroyed, and Judgement Day is postponed to 2003. In the future, John Connor is killed by a T-800, which is reprogrammed by KB and sent back to protect John in his early adulthood from the Terminatrix, which has also been sent back.

Terminator 3 and the Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Timeline 4: After Sarah Connor dies from leukemia, JC is living off the grid. The Terminatrix and a T-800 show up to do battle. JC finally meets up with KB, and they hunker down during Judgement Day, 2003. In 2005, JC dies somehow. In the future, a non-Arnold T-800 (?) (or earlier model, since it needs to hold someone's throat in order to sound like them, and Arnold didn't) is sent back to 1999, when JC is age 15. Another cyborg (or genetically engineered super human), female, is also sent back to some point previous to 1999 to protect JC. An engineer is sent back to 1963. Various Resistance Fighters are also sent back to some point around 2008 or prior.

Timeline 5: In 1963, the engineer for the Resistance outfits a bank with a plasma rifle and time travel equipment, all made in the 60's using 60's materials and his knowledge of future tech. During or prior to 1999, a female Resistance cyborg arrives and begins her mission. Resistance Fighters arrive in or prior to 2008, and take various preparatory actions. The collective activities of the members of the Resistance likely have a hand in further postponing Judgement Day from 2003 to some point after the start of 2008. In 1999, JC and SC meet the female cyborg (?), who protects them from the non-Arnold T-800 (?). To avert John Connor's death in 2005, the three use the bank's time travel equipment to jump ahead to 2008, just before Judgement Day. The non-Arnold cyborg's body lies dormant in a scrap yard for 8 or 9 years, while its head jumps ahead to 2008. There, it reestablishes wireless connectivity with its body, and proceeds to physically reconnect the two components and resume its mission to eliminate John Connor. Meanwhile, Sarah Connor goes to the doctor, hoping to minimize or eliminate her foretold difficulties with cancer.

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