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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tot. Awesome: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The Sarah Connor Chronicles is my new favorite show. I agree with someone on IMDB who said it's better than T3. It so is.

T1 was great. It set the story up, and was mysterious at the same time.

T2 was phenomenal. It moved the story forward, and did so brilliantly. John Connor was a hero.

T3 was somewhat disappointing. JC became weak, doubtful, and the Terminator was given a "soft side." Lame.

"The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (SCC) forgets T3 (in more ways than one) and returns to the glory of T2. JC and SC are tough. The music is similar to T2. The cyborgs are more machine-like, and less sensitive. Just what the doctor ordered!

One cool note: JC was born in 1984. In T3, he was in his early 20's, and lame. In SCC, they show JC in 1999, at age 15. Then he time travels to our present. SC can now get cured of her cancer, and JC doesn't have to devolve into the wimp we saw in T3. Even when he was scarred in the T3 future, already a "winner," he still looked like he didn't believe in himself. Edward Furlong had the right idea. And so do the "Chronicles!"

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