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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FrankTV Is Getting Abused By TBS

So, ton of ads for FrankTV a few months ago. Cool, looks like a decent show. As time goes by, Frank Caliendo seems funnier and funnier. After all, he used to be on MadTV, and seemed to be a standout. His impressions are hilarious, especially of George Bush.

Then the Writers Strike happens. FrankTV disappears! Where did it go? Hey, lookie here, on TBS there’s a Frank Caliendo stand up comedy special! Whoo! Hey, I’ve seen this… I’ve heard these jokes before… Well, at least he’s still funny. Hmm… Could TBS be airing this in an effort to appease all us Frank fans? They said, “Watch the show!” Now there’s no writing for the show! So, “Here, watch this old stuff, it’s almost as good.”

Last night, channel surfing, I saw the final moments of a FrankTV episode. I couldn’t believe it. Finally! The show that’s barely on, and I’ve heard nothing about when to watch. Apparently they’re will be an hour next Tuesday. And in HD. Then who knows what?

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