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Monday, January 28, 2008

Varying Terminator Models

Terminator 1: I believe Kyle Reese referred to the Terminator as a T-101. When it was blown up, it looked like a metal skeleton.

There was also a terminator that Kyle Reese "flashed forward" to, one that carried that huge laser gun in the bowels of the human refugee camp.

Terminator 2: T-800 (learning Terminator, metal skeleton when blown up) and T-1000 (liquid metal)

Terminator 3: T-850 (upgraded T-800), Terminatrix (liquid metal outside, advanced endoskeleton with hidden weapons on inside)

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Bad Guy - unknown model, maybe pre T-800. Needs to hold a human throat in order to imitate that human's voice, whereas a T-800 could do that from memory. Also, this terminator without skin looks like a T-800, plus metal armor. Is that an advancement or an obsolete design?

Good Girl - unknown model, maybe post Terminatrix? Can imitate voices from memory. It's possible she comes from a further advanced future than the Bad Guy.

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