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Friday, January 4, 2008

DVR Of The Future

I've mentioned previously how I've been lucky enough to have DVR at home. It's pretty great, but one limitation I think will be eliminated as time goes on is how much you can keep recorded. I think my box has a limit between 20 and 30 hours.

I think I've heard there are ones out there that can keep 800 hours.

So here's my theory: In the future, DVR will be so powerful that you won't need a VCR or DVD player. The hard drive in your DVR will be able to contain every movie ever made. There will be a slot or access port where you can connect a handheld device or memory stick/card, and download movies. Then you can upload them to another box, or your PC, or just keep them on your iPod Inviso.

All DVRs will connect to one of a few major networks that store the data for every movie ever made. As soon as the new movies leave theaters, they'll become available for legal download to your DVR box.

I think the next level of development after that would be to make everything wireless, with such an absurdly high range for access that you could literally connect your iPod to your DVR from the other side of the world, and do so wirelessly.

After that, we'd just need to focus on getting the networks working on Mars.

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