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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roof Jumper Monday

Last night I watched "Kyle XY." Then I watched "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Guess what happened in both episodes? Roof jumping!

On "Kyle XY," Jessie managed to get herself caught on camera while jumping from the top of a building that was maybe 8 stories high? Maybe taller. Pretty high. Anyway, she landed, dusted herself off, and just walked away. As soon as the video hit the local net, her school went nuts, and she became a celebrity, the "Mystery Jumper."

Then, on "Terminator," a girl who apparently had an affair with the Guidance Counselor jumped to her death after being tormented by paintings slowly revealing her devastating secret to her classmates. Robo-chick stopped John Connor from helping out, probably to prevent him from getting famous through heroics and becoming an overt target again.

It seemed odd that both shows, which aired back-to-back (though on separate networks) would have a similar intense plot element. This has happened before, though, but it (as usual) seems unintentional. Maybe some sort of synchronicity?

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