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Friday, February 29, 2008

Bush Says There Is No Recession

I just saw a similar headline saying that President Bush is telling us all how the economy will be fine. I wonder what that means...?

Does he truly believe that? Or is he lying?

Was he instructed to tell us that to bolster our hopes?

In an economy where success is dependent on buyer confidence, does it make sense to have a President that we all have little confidence in tell us we should be confident?

Maybe he knows this already. Maybe he thinks, "Whatever I say, they won't believe. So I'll say the economy is doing well, and they'll think it's not... Their own doubts will become self-fulfilling, and I can later claim it was their fault all along..."

But I've heard his actions in Africa have been fantastic. So what if he's past "doing wrong," and is in fact correct about the recession being highly improbable?

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