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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Romance And Travel In Boston

One time, long ago, I visited Boston with a group of friends. At one point, one young lady and I were on our own, free to explore the city however we saw fit. It's funny -- you live in a city, and you don't really want to bother with all the sights there are to see. Here we were in a different place, and the hum-drum feeling of home was completely absent. So we took the opportunity to explore, and we saw a few famous areas. It was fun. When we got bored with that, we went shopping.

Later, after lunch, we returned to our meeting place, but our friends hadn't arrive yet. Up to this point, my travel companion and I were just buddy-buddy. But suddenly, looking into her eyes, I felt that there might be something more there. We just sat there, smiling at each other for what seemed like forever. And then suddenly our friends showed up, and we left.

Suffice it to say, that was the crystallization point for a pretty fantastic romance. Thank you Boston!

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