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Monday, February 25, 2008

New Amsterdam Seems Cool

I enjoy the idea of immortality, of building up a vast body of knowledge and experience while retaining the physique and energy required to put all that information to use. So I'm thinking I'll probably watch the first few episodes at least of "New Amsterdam."

One ad I saw said, "Lifetimes of experience have made him a genius." Cool! But wait... Oh great, the lameness of it all. His one goal in life is true love, which will make him mortal, and capable of aging. Ooh, yeah, let's all grow old together... Give me a break! If he wants to die, why not just come out and say it!

Obviously the idea is that he wants to experience all the good things that come with getting old. Enjoying each other's company, sharing new experiences, and watching grandkids grow up. But you can do all that as an immortal!

I mean, as long as there isn't some rule saying all immortals are sterile, and nobody, not even your own progeny will be able to cope with your immortality in such a way as would allow them to keep their mouths shut while you watched them grow up, then things should be fine! Wait, there is a rule like that...? Darn.

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