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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles Takes Terminator Story To New Levels

New stuff we learned on Monday:

There are at least 3 Terminators in 2008: The good girl, the bad guy, and the other bad guy trapped in a bunker.

The freely roaming bad Terminator has proven that after he learns how to mimic someone's speech pattern, he can reproduce the effect without holding their throat. So this suggests that he may be a T-800 model or later, as Arnold in "T-1" was able to also mimic someone's voice without needing to "feel" how.

T-600 Terminators were made of metal that was heat-susceptible, so these models were prone to melting. Subsequent upgrades included a change of core material that would allow a Terminator unit to withstand high temperatures.

When a Terminator completes its mission, it may power down in a standing position, awaiting new orders, or a threat to the completion status of its mission. If someone undoes the Terminator's hard work, or physically disturbs it, it will require 15 seconds to reboot, after which point it will take any and all necessary actions to ensure the completion of its mission, and its own "personal" well-being.

The female "Terminator" has made remarks suggesting that she is, indeed, a cyborg, and not a genetically-engineered super human.

Sarah Connor will use the full name of humanity's savior just like any normal mother would when instructing a stubborn child. "John Connor, eat your vegetables!"

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