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Thursday, February 14, 2008

T3's John Connor Has Been Erased

What we learned in "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" is that in 2005, two years after Judgement Day in T3, John Connor was killed. It's bizarre to think about that, because wasn't the girl terminator in "Chronicles" sent by John from maybe 40 years in the future?

Wait, I think I've got it. T3's John Connor weathers Judgement Day in 2003. In 2005, he survives. Nothing kills him. Then, maybe in 2029 or later, he sends the girl terminator back to 1999. Why?

Because meanwhile in the future after T3, the Machines have sent back more Terminators. So then, in 2005, one of them kills John. Meanwhile, the 2029 post-T3 version still exists, and sends a protector back.

So in 1999, the girl terminator takes John and Sarah to the future, to 2008, skipping the events of T3. Why didn't judgement day happen in 2003 like it did in T3? Because the new Terminators and Resistance Fighters sent back from the post-T3 future collectively delayed the rise of SkyNet.

Meanwhile, in 2008, John Connor is now about 9 years younger than Kate Brewster, and she will no longer function as his second in command.

In fact, if you think about it, the Terminatrix might have killed Brewster and all the other future resistance fighters back in 2003, since Arnold didn't need to go back to save John. But I don't think that happened.

Post-T2 Machines sent the Terminatrix back to 2003. History changes, JC survives, and the Machines then decide not to repeat the pointless time trip. Instead, they send Terminators to different points in time.

So it's very likely that Kate Brewster is still out there, 5 years older than when we saw her last, and probably 9 years older than John.

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