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Friday, February 22, 2008

Old Terminator Films, T2-3D, New Trilogy

Lately I've decided to rewatch T1, T2 and T3. I never experienced T2-3D live and in-person, but I was able to get most of it on YouTube. It's funny how there's all this great video of John Connor with the Terminator in the future, and a T-One-Million, and then all of a sudden the live actors pop out and sound just a bit "off." The Arnold-impersonator is decent, and so is the JC-representative, but they're not quite perfect. That makes it an interesting transition back and forth.

Anyway, most recently I've been watching the original "Terminator," and with the new information from the last episode of "The Sarah Connor Chronicles," the movie takes on new meaning. Or rather, it feels more whole. I guess that only works if you assume SCC is really part of the "true" Terminator storyline, and right now I think the show is doing well enough that it belongs.

I heard they're going to make 3 more Terminator films! Can't wait. I hope they do a good job. I think this franchise has enough draw to justify spending gobs of money to get really great actors and writers to back up the really great special effects. Hopefully the new trilogy (if it does come to be) will be a slam-dunk!

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