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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

T:SCC Synchs Up With T1

It was so awesome. They showed Kyle Reese and brother Derek in an underground tunnel, which looked very similar to the one in T1. Then Kyle pulls out the picture of Sarah Connor, but different so it looks like the Sarah of "Chronicles." One of the soldiers, maybe Derek, asks Kyle why John Connor gave that to him.

Then the guys go out on a mission, get captured, and Kyle is left behind.

Then you watch T1, and see in a flashback that Kyle showed up in the same tunnel, and suddenly a Terminator starts firing at everyone. The picture gets burned.

Then back to SCC, the soldiers are released, wander back, and find everybody gone, and lots of stuff destroyed. Derek looks in Kyle's "room" and opens a box to find the picture of Sarah Connor, burnt and singed.

It all fits!

Then Derek finds out that Kyle was involved in a secret mission involving John Connor, after which the location was blown up. Just like Kyle Reese said in T1. Derek gets upset, and soon learns what really happened. Not death. Time travel. And soon he'd be taking a trip himself.

It struck me as intense that they sent Kyle back to 1984 and then just days later sent Derek back to 1999(?). I think it was 1999. Anyway it's wild how all these events have been spaced out for us, but in the future it's like, "Go back to the '80's. Ok, you there, you're next, go back to just before the dawn of the new millennium. You, scientist, go back to the '60's and build a time machine."

I love this show!

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