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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oysters: Fun and Deadly To Eat

And now, I present to the world a completely original joke about oysters. Yes, I really did make this up.

What did the Certified Dental Assistant oyster say to her oyster patient?

“Let me see those pearly whites.”

Ha ha ha ha ha! But seriously folks, oysters can be very dangerous. Be Oyster Aware is a website that explains all about the dangers of eating raw oysters, especially if you’re at risk. If your immune system is weak, or you’ve got diabetes or liver disease, raw oysters can be very bad for you. The bacteria in uncooked oysters can make you extremely sick, or extremely dead.

Gulf oysters, gathered in states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, are especially prone to containing this bacteria, and people die each year from ingesting it. So play it safe, learn the facts at BeOysterAware.com, and stay healthy.

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