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Friday, December 14, 2007

Babies Like Helpful People

Saw this on Yahoo. Experiments done with babies prove that they can tell who is the better friend.

The babies are shown shapes, representing people. A circle tries to go up a hill. A triangle helps it, and it jumps for joy. A square pushes it down the hill.

The babies, when asked to pick a toy version of the shape, chose the helper, even when the square was the helper, and the triangle had pushed the circle down the hill.

Later the babies were shown the circle choosing to sit next to either the helper or hinderer. Babies paid more attention to when the circle sat next to the hinderer. The conclusion there is that they focused longer on the bizarre scenario of someone choosing to associate with their own bully.

It just goes to show you that babies are already good at perceiving many different things. So be helpful!

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