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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Who Shot Nathan Petrelli?

Last night watching "Heroes," I found myself extremely thankful for DVR technology. I thought the last segment of the finale of Season 2 was jam-packed with plot, and was glad to have the ability to rewind.

I spent a couple minutes investigating Nathan Petrelli's assassination attempt. When you watch the crowd, a guy in black calmly walks away while everybody else goes nuts. Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't. But I'm assuming the intent was to focus in on him and assign the blame. So I played his exit in reverse, and watched as we walked backwards into the sea of people. At the last moment (or the first if you're watching it in non-reverse) he has his head turned toward us!

But it was bathed in shadows, and I couldn't make it out. I thought, "Sylar from the future?"

And when is Adam? I expected Hiro to take him either way in the future, or way in the past. If he left him anywhere in the past, even with dinosaurs, it's possible Adam could just show up again, 70 million years older. But in the future, he'd only continue to move forward in time, and be gone for good barring any further time travel.

Instead, Hiro put him 6 feet underground in a coffin, apparently in the same cemetery Hiro's father is buried. But when? Was it in the present? Or the day of Hiro's father's funeral? Or the day of the funeral Hiro went to as a child?

So many questions. At least one thing's certain. Sylar has his powers back! Is anyone else glad?

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