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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Machine Gun Santa Vs. The Ninjas

Ever since I saw the opening to "Scrooged" where Santa meets Lee Majors and gets help from the Bionic Man fighting off the bad guys, I've been interested in a nonexistent movie that seems to be lampooned every now and then. I could be wrong, maybe it really does exist, but the only references I've seen are parodies.

The gist of the film is that Santa becomes a '90's action hero. Using whatever weapons are at his disposal, Jolly Old Saint Nick would deal a new form of justice to the naughty. No more coal. This time, it's lead.

On "Family Guy," there was a "Kiss Saves Santa" holiday special where Kiss used the power of music to save Santa from dinosaurs. I assume the joke is that Christmas has become so commercialized, you end up seeing Santa in the least likely of places (on the edge of a cliff next to some Pterodactyl eggs) just so companies can squeeze a little more revenue out of the holiday. But I really think that society is ready for a movie that loops the parody back on itself and actually depicts Santa in some bizarre scenario. Not just a guy pretending to be Santa. I mean the real deal. Action Santa! In theaters nowhere, December 2008.

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