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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Clark Kent: Bizarro

Tonight on "Smallville," I was mildly surprised when Kent offered to help Lana take down Lex. But I accepted it. I did get a vibe that he was different somehow, but I thought, "He seems cooler, all right, cool."

Then I was more than mildly surprised when he flew inside the Daily Planet. But I guessed that either I had missed that development where now he can fly, or his training at the North Pole with Santa was starting to pay off, or maybe he just jumped, and didn't fly at all.

Then at the end, it turns out he's Bizarro Clark!

The real Clark is frozen in his Fortress. I just hope "Smallville" doesn't fall apart like "Lois and Clark," where clones kept popping up left and right. That got boring. And sad. And they stopped broadcasting the episodes in order, so I could keep track! How lame was that... Thank you "Smallville," for learning from history's mistakes!

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