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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

JourneyMan's Wife Still An Idiot

Tonight JourneyMan will air another new episode. I saw no advertising to this effect. Maybe NBC thinks the show is destined to fail, so why bother?

Monday, JM dropped his camera in the '80s, and it spawned a technological jump that gave late 2007 nanotech, but erased JM's son. Well, actually the camera was a Christmas present. Which means JM probably already celebrated Christmas. Which means that yes, JM lives in the future. By a couple of weeks. Lame.

Anyway, when JM got back to the present, he found no son, but now a daughter. And when he told his wife he had screwed up and needed to fix things, she said, "Don't you dare change a thing." She didn't even take the time to stop and think about what had happened. That she used to have a son. That she had already lost one child. No, all she did was immediately jump into protective lockdown mode.

I imagined an alternate reality in which she was far cooler. More intelligent, open, and willing to consider that maybe, just maybe she should listen to the guy who time travels. Alas, it may not be possible in our reality. But JM could put a stop to that. Just drop his camera in the 70's this time, and then return to the souped up present, grab some hyper-advanced tech, and drop it in the 40's. Maybe that will create a new age where everyone is a genius, and his wife will finally "get" it.

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