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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Obama's Workers Tried To Cheat Us

Today a woman came by my house and mentioned she was going to put up a sign in our yard in support of Obama. When asked why, she replied that I had requested it.

I made no such request.

In the past, a few people have called and come by in person to talk about Obama. A woman spoke on the phone with me, and I was polite. A man came by the house, we discussed Obama's drug use, and I was polite. Was I too polite? Did they take my tolerance of their marketing campaign too seriously?

I've heard we live in an Opt-Out world. Maybe everyone who didn't scream obscenities into the phone or paint scary things on their doors was automatically marked as an avid supporter.

It's funny. Obama's campaign has made its presence known (i.e., volunteers have gotten in touch with me) way more than the other guys (and Hillary). But that doesn't make me think more favorably of him. Not that I don't already. But if anything, it makes his campaign seem needy, clingy. Smothering!

It's not you Obama, it's me. I...need my space. I think we should take a break.

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