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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

JourneyMan's Wife Wiser, 90-Year-Old Livia?

Monday on JourneyMan, the wife finally got wise (or indulged in hypocrisy) when she said something like, "Don't promise when you don't know." (i.e., Don't tell me you'll be somewhere when you might time travel instead.) Previously she had practically forced JM to promise her he'd be somewhere when she and he already knew that he could no longer control where and when he was. So now, it makes sense for her to acknowledge the truth, and to act as intelligent in that regard as she appears in all others. Finally!

Monday we also saw Livia in 1948. That got me thinking, what happens to her? Does she alternate back and forth between 1948 onwards and 2007 onwards? Does she eventually leave the past and live the rest of her life in the present? Or does she finally finish her last mission and return to her correct place in time? If that's the case, then lets say she has a few more years, and stops, returning to 1952. Then she lives the rest of her life. Let's say she's 30 as we see her now. 1948 - 30 = born in 1918. 2007 - 1918 = 89 years old now.

Does an 89-year-old Livia make an appearance in the near future? My guess for how that episode would play out would be Old Livia shows up, talks to JM, JM tweaks the past, and changes everything. It would turn out that Old Livia had simply been living her last mission for the past 55 years, and was destined to arrive in the present as an old woman, in order to set things just so. JM then travels to 1948 (or 1949) and completes the mission, preventing Livia from ever starting it. Then young Livia shows up and stays anchored in 2007 (or 2008) onwards, never getting old (at least not for another few decades). Sounds plausible.

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