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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MXC: Guy Humor TV Show

When I first watched Spike TV's MXC, I thought it was all about action. Now I see there is also some (or much) dirty humor, but when you're expecting it, it's more funny than offensive.

MXC is an Asian game show that's been very loosely dubbed over in English to make it as hilarious as possible. The show is mostly physical challenges (like Nickelodeon's "Double Dare"), but they are a bit more extreme, and dangerous. Anytime someone wipes out, they become a show highlight.

The most recent episode I watched satirized Bond films. It was hilarious. There are (usually?) 2 teams competing, and each team gets a name that has to do with the theme of the show, as decided by the American MXC re-engineers. So for the Bond show, they used Bond-related team names.

One of my favorite features is the dubbing of individual contestants. Each one has some sort of shout-out they give just before performing in an event. The American "translations" are hilarious, as are the grunts and screams of those who fall off a log, or into mud, or whatever. It's a bizarre thing when you find yourself laughing at someone who just crashed and burned, but part of the logic there is they were wearing a helmet, and are usually ok afterwards.

If you're in the mood for action, innuendo, and an artificially-bridged cultural gap, MXC is for you.

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