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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Junk Food Makes Me Physically Ill

When I was younger, I could eat cookies and cakes and all kinds of junk food left and right, and I'd only feel bad if I ate a ton in one sitting. But now, for some reason, if I eat some junk food like cookies or potato chips or whatever, and at night, I can somehow feel it in my system when I go to bed. It's not very pleasant. I guess I must not have eaten that stuff at night very often before.

It's like my body feels polluted with excess garbage. It's really weird, because if I eat similar foods earlier in the day, there's no similar feeling. I think it must have to do with metabolizing it. When I'm active, I can run on garbage, like the DeLorean at the end of "Back to the Future." But when I'm resting, it will just sit there and ooze into my system.

I've heard the idea that "your body is a temple" and all that stuff about toxins, and how vegetables are great for you, but sometimes taste can overpower logic. It's funny. If I eat really healthy stuff, I sometimes enjoy it, and usually always feel good afterwards. Clean on the inside, hard to describe. Clear sinuses, clean air. But if I eat the stuff that smells and tastes really good, like fast food type stuff, it will be majorly enjoyable as a meal, but much less so later when processed by my system. I hate the dichotomy of it all. As that Chef Boyardee kid would say, "Why does the good food always taste so bad?"

I guess if you take the time to decently prepare fresh foods, they taste great too.

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