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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bill Clinton for First Gentleman

I've heard that there's a group of people motivated to get Mr. Clinton back in the White House. It's surprising to me because I wonder just how much power he'll be able to wield as First Gentleman, if Hillary gets elected. I'm thinking he might be able to achieve more as a First Spouse than any previous holder of that title specifically because he's a former President. If a different woman were to be elected, and her husband had never held such a high office before, I wonder how much he would accomplish? Would he do everything from behind the scenes? If Bill Clinton did become First Gentleman, I'd appreciate his working out in the open, as I'm sure he would end up doing. But it would be Hillary's Presidency, not his, so while he'd obviously have a little influence, she'd really be in the driver's seat. Since that would seem to be the case, why focus on Bill Clinton as First Gentleman more so than on Hillary as the first female President? Maybe some people favor Bill over Hillary. In my eyes, it's because putting both Clintons in the White House again, but reversing their roles, is like getting two Presidents for the price of one.

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