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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Three Reasons The Blonde Bionic Woman Is Really A Robot

The new "Bionic Woman" show supposedly has two bionic women involved. One, a nutzoid blonde who kills for fun, and another, our hero, the brunette. But I don't think the blonde is really a "bionic woman" at all. Here's why:

Clue #1: On the pilot, the blonde claimed she was the original bionic woman, and had been becoming increasingly cybernetic, replacing more and more organic parts of her with bionic machinery. She said she did this to become stronger. If she's so messed up, how can we trust that's really the reason most of her is a machine? Maybe she got it wrong, and she's pure -- a Tin Lady.

Clue #2: On last night's episode, we learned she had died, and was later "brought back" to life. Pet Sematary style, all messed up? Or Species style, where the "repaired" brain is no longer being run by the original individual? Or maybe it's just a full-on robot that looks and acts like the original human...crazy.

Clue #3: On last night's episode, she tried to eat a can of food, but couldn't bring herself to put any of it in her mouth. Duh! Robots don't eat food!

So there's the evidence that stuck out and seemed to screamingly hint that the blonde is a bot. Take it or leave it.

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