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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time Traveller JourneyMan And His Wife Just Don't "Get It"

"Journeyman" is a neat show with a lot of potential. Generally, I like it. I've heard rumors of its cancellation, but maybe it can hold out for a while. However, there are some serious flaws with the logic of a couple of important characters. Specifically, the Journeyman and his wife.

Last night there was a preview for next week's episode. In it, Journeyman is whisked away by unknown forces to another time, leaving his young son outside, alone, and in the middle of an area crowded with strangers.

How absurd is that? The show has already established that the Journeyman (JM) has no control whatsoever over when he leaves. He and his wife should know that by now.

I had trouble understanding it a few episodes ago when JM and wife tried to board a plane after JM had already vanished from a previous flight, subsequently causing some airport commotion.

Are you kidding me?? If JM vanished from a flight and forced his wife into custody for a few hours once, you'd think he'd be smart enough not to risk doing it again. But JM and wife are apparently not that smart at all, and try boarding a second flight, which thankfully won't let them on because JM is now on the "No Fly List."

Ok, so JM can't be trusted to have control over anything, anywhere, because at any moment he could vanish. He already "journeyed" from a car he was driving, which crashed after he left. Thank God no one was hurt. Can you imagine if he was driving his family or a couple of friends on a highway?

What kind of idiot repeatedly encounters situations in which they cannot be trusted to run things, and then goes and does something like saying, "Sure, I'll look after my five-year-old son. Come on, kid, let's cross the street" -- ZAP! "Dad??" Lame.

And the wife must be just as lame in the brain, because she blames JM for "doing" the things which he has no control over. He's already made it clear to her that his journeys occur randomly, and he will lose time in the present at any given moment, even if he doesn't want to. Even if he promises not to. Asking him to promise not to leave is absurd, because he has no way of making any sort of guarantee. But that's just what she did! Why didn't he explain that he couldn't promise anything? I have no idea. Maybe he's just whipped into dumb submission. And then she got upset when he "broke" that promise. She already knew he couldn't control his journeys. So she must be a very forgetful woman.

I'm thinking the writers are just going for basic drama without giving their characters the benefit of logic and reason. Hopefully this kind of writing won't last too long, but if it does, I can see why someone would want to cancel "Journeyman." It's hard to watch the heroes making the same stupid mistakes every episode.

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