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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Digg Kills Another Cool Web Site

Yesterday I went to Digg.com.

I saw one of the links I wanted to check out: "Windows Xp easter eggs!........must see." Cool! I love easter eggs!

I clicked on it -- "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

Hmm, Digg must have sent more traffic than that site could handle.

Let's check the good 'ol Internet Archive.

And what's that link? http://www.bizzntech.com/?p=125

Ok, "Take Me Back."

"Sorry, no matches."

Ok, it's no problem, I'll just check back tomorrow.

--Next Day--

Do dee doo dee doo...Let's go to Digg...

Hmm, where's that cool story...

It was on Page 1 before, now its...ok...page 5.

It should be ready now. I'll bet the strain has lessened, and -- look, it's even got more diggs! It must be available.


"404 Page Doesn't Exist!" (Yes, there really was an exclamation point)

Aww God!

Hey, an informative link...

Your 110MB domain is suddenly showing this page?


This is what it says:
"I get taken to 404 page when I go to my domain. Why?

Ok. Your site was working fine. And now when you access it you're getting http://www.110mb.com/404.htm (404 page). Here's why...

REASON 1: ***
Your account or site violated our Terms of Service at http://www.110mb.com/agreement.html and was deleted. Registration process, email confirmation and account created homepage all assumed you've read TOS and understood it.

Note: This only applies if the root level of your domain (IE: http://USERNAME.110mb.com/) shows 404. Otherwise you're most likely getting it because of missing page or your script is taking you to 404.

REASON 2: ***
Username you registered just now previously belonged to another server. Hence you must wait 10-15 hours for IP addresses to assign your username to the new server. You also won't be able to FTP during this time.

Poor site owner. They lost their site. Or maybe they sold it to the highest bidder...? Whatever the case, Digg strikes again!

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