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Monday, October 22, 2007

The New Flying Kid On Heroes Is Lame

I can't believe Claire finally hooked up with him. He's a geeky stalker, first of all, and he made no attempt to understand Claire's point of view. He just kept pestering her and pestering her to "admit who you really are!" What an idiot. If he had any sort of clue, he'd have already figured out that being "honest" when it comes to super powers is a bad idea. Especially after he'd already been bagged and tagged! Jeeze!

Claire was totally right to be private, as her father's instructions didn't arise out of fear of not being socially accepted, but out of fear of being kidnapped and tortured for the rest of your life. Claire's dad knows what's what, but this guy who can fly is clueless. That trait is especially revealed in the scene at school when he referred to Claire as a "lizard girl" in front of the whole class.

I can't stress enough how bizarre it seems to me that she would actually come to accept him. Even after things calmed down between them, and there seemed to be a spark, he still constantly reveals the fact that he is a walking, talking security risk that doesn't know when to keep quiet.

The only redeeming quality he has is that he can fly. Big deal, right? Nathan Petrelli can fly too. Whoop di doo.

I think the actor is doing a good job with the character. I find the character's ideology totally flawed, but the actor made him seem almost likeable in last week's episode. Let's hope the character learns a thing or two about discretion.

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