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Friday, October 5, 2007

What Would You Do With Ten Million Dollars?

If you won ten million dollars, how would it impact your life? Would you sock it all away in a mattress, saving it for a rainy day? Would you put it into a simple bank account? Or maybe go into stocks or currency trading? Would you give it to people you met on the street? Or start a charity? Or get a discount on a trip into space?

Maybe you could take your funds to a bank and change them into loads of 100-dollar bills. Then buy a swimming pool and fill it with the cash. You might want to get used, softened bills. You wouldn't want to end up with a deadly case of paper cuts after taking a dip in your money pool! If you chose to go Scrooge McDuck with coins in your pool instead, maybe cleaning them first would be a good idea. I'll be most of those Sacagawea's are pretty clean, since they haven't seemed to have been changing hands that often. But it seems like a hard thing to pull off to dive into a pile of metal and sink beneath ground level! Maybe Mr. McDuck had a secret technique...

What would I do with ten million dollars, you ask? I'd use a little to buy a gigantic sub sandwich to celebrate my sudden newfound wealth with friends. And I'd save the rest!

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