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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Heroes TV Powers Theory

Time travel opens up my favorite show, Heores, to some pretty exciting possibilities. I like the character Sylar. I think he's got the potential to do good. While I cannot condone his murderous actions, I now know there's a way he can achieve unlimited power without killing off some of our favorite characters -- at least not in the present...

When Hiro and Ando went to the future, future Hiro was killed. But present-day Hiro was fine, and will now diverge from his original path, and never become the dead future-Hiro. This means that at any point in the future, Sylar could kill someone, and then return to the present and change things so that alternate future never occurs. Then both Sylar and his "victim" will have the same power, and be alive at the same time.

In order for Sylar to reach the future, another future-Hiro must travel back, and either return to the future with Sylar, or become another of Sylar's victims. A time-travelling Sylar would be truly unstoppable, because he could go to the future and absorb as many powers as he needs without getting in trouble once he escapes.

If Sylar went to 2020, he could take every power in the world, and build up a massive man-hunt to find and kill him. But then he returns to good old 2007, and waits for the alternate 2020 to never happen.

Even simpler, Sylar could go back in time, take Peter Petrelli's absorption power from him right when Pete's on the verge of figuring it out, but not yet strong enough to really defend himself. But of course, that would devastate the present. So maybe there's another absorber in the future.

The main reason I came up with this idea was to allow for two things that right now in the show seem to be mutually exclusive. I wanted to allow Sylar to gain more abilities, while preventing the loss of any more 1-power Heroes.

Theory #2: Sylar has already somehow achieved time-travel, and maybe healing as well, making him effectively immortal. Then he went back in time, and just hung out doing whatever he was doing until he freaked out the little girl by linking with her and saying, "I see you." That's pretty scary, though. And plus, another bad guy would probably be more interesting. Unless Immortal Sylar was so far removed from the one we currently know that he could be considered a separate entity. Maybe our Sylar would fight him!

That being said, I like Peter Petrelli better in the end because he's truly got unlimited potential, and especially because he's a good guy. It would be neat to see a future-Peter come back and have all of his amazing powers absorbed by present-Peter. That's a trick that the writers could theoretically make use of if they've overstacked the odds against all of the Heroes with some massive new threat. So there's always hope...

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