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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Adam On Heroes Could Be A Lot Older Than We Think

Ok, so Hiro went back to the 1600s? And he meets Takezo Kensei, whom he reveals is invulnerable. Takezo is English and apparently surprised he cannot be hurt. Meanwhile, back at in the present (or about there), Takezo goes by the name of "Adam." Immortal.

So, did the "fatal wound" Takezo suffered in front of Hiro in the 1600's become the awakening factor in his life, as it would have in the "Highlander" universe? There, you must die violently to reach your full potential as an immortal, and stop aging. Or did Adam reach the age of 25 or so and then just stop aging, all the while remaining impervious to injury and illness? I submit that the latter is true.

So then, did Adam truly "realize" he couldn't be harmed during the time Hiro was around? Or did he already know?

I'd like to think he did already know. That would mean that he was a wandering drunk probably because he was bored with having lived for thousands of years. The way things seem, he's only about 400 years old. But he could be much older.

Any immortal can live on and on. A time-traveling immortal can be around for a true eternity, because they are not limited to only moving perpetually forward through time.

Now for the most bizarre theory of this post. What if Adam of the 1600s was really future-Sylar from the previously rewritten future in which Sylar was President? Last we saw, Sylar and Peter were fighting. Peter had already known future-Hiro, so he could theoretically travel through time as adeptly. Sylar had killed Claire, so he could heal as well as Peter. Even though I think Peter would have won, let's say Sylar did. Wins. Absorbs all of Peter's powers, including time travel. Then he immediately goes to the past to escape the history rewrite, and from that point on exists "out of time." Then he goes on a time travel spree, starting at the end of history and working his way back, absorbing every power he can find. Then he goes back to the year 65 million B.C., kills all the dinosaurs with a few nukes, and hangs out for a while honing his powers. At that point he's pretty much a god. Now, since he can do anything, he's just looking for kicks. Eventually, he hangs with Hiro in the 1600s. Later, he calls himself "Adam." Possible? Remotely. But I don't think it's as entertaining as what the show has in store for us. And what a good show it is.

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