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Friday, November 2, 2007

How Fast Is Your PC? REVISITED

About 3 weeks ago, I made a post about the apparent lag in developing new, faster CPU's. Along with the post, I started an ongoing poll to see how other people are faring when it comes to computer processing speed.

I myself am just about at 2.0 GHz. According to the poll, someone's above 3, someone else is running at or above 4 GHz, and a couple of people have those new SuperTech chips that are 10 GHz, at the slowest. I gotta get me one of those!

But seriously, the poll has yielded some valuable information. The other day I went on Wikipedia to search for the latest and greatest CPU speeds. I wasn't able to find a simple page that ranked all the CPUs ever created by speed. I figured there'd be something like that, but I guess not. Maybe I missed it?

What I did find, though, were a couple of pages with the stats on Intel and AMD processors. I feel like there was actually more information on 4+ GHz chips a few weeks ago when I first did the search. This time around, my inquest led me to a couple overclocking sites, in which the majority of overclockers hovered around 3-4 GHz. I had assumed that the person in my poll with 4+ GHz just had a simple CPU that was that fast out of the box. Maybe instead they're overclocking?

I did find some information on a new generation of chips coming from Intel. According to that, we won't begin to see a new Intel chip until late next year, with another upgrade following that around 2010.

A whole 'nother year before a shiny new CPU? Aww...

At least now I know what I want for Christmas -- in '08!

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